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Picknature Herbal Tea

PICKNATURE Hibiscus Cleanse Tea Freshly Picked from Thailand | 2.11 oz | 30 tea bags (100+ Cups) | Herbal Tea Gifts | USDA Organic

PICKNATURE Hibiscus Cleanse Tea Freshly Picked from Thailand | 2.11 oz | 30 tea bags (100+ Cups) | Herbal Tea Gifts | USDA Organic

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Revitalize Your Health in Just 14 Days with Picknature's Hibiscus Cleanse Tea

Experience of subtle power of nature’s herb! This unique blend of Thai-inspired herbs is designed to help you enjoy a smooth, daily cleanse. Our teas are infused with the peace and serenity of the Thai countryside, making it the perfect way to relax and enjoy the moment. The taste of this tea has a subtly floral, sweet flavor with a hint of tanginess and the perfect pick-me-up to refresh your day. Enjoy the benefits of reduced high blood pressure and improved body balance with every cup. Picknature Hibiscus Tea, you can harness the power of nature in every sip! And butterfly pea flowers, known for their soothing properties and ability to reduce anxiety.

  • Effective Daily Cleanse with Continued Use - Picknature Hibiscus Cleanse Tea is specially formulated for daily use, providing a gentle yet potent combination herbal flower to support overall well-being. Experience the benefits with continued usage.
  • Premium Organic Tea - Picknature Butterfly Pea Flower tea is organic by CERES Laboratory and sustainably sourced from our partnered organic farmers in Thailand. Our product is made with only Non-GMO herbal flowers straight to the bag and nothing else!
  • Enjoyable and Calming Experience - Picknature Hibiscus Cleanse Tea offers a delightful and soothing taste, making your daily routine a relaxing and enjoyable ritual, helping you unwind and find calm in your busy life.
  • Enhanced Nutrient Profile - This unique blend not only contains the health benefits of our original product, but it also enhances the nutrient profile with hibiscus, which is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and minerals, further supporting a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Commitment to Happiness - We stand by our product by using the freshest organic butterfly tea flowers. If for any reason you are not happy with our product within 30 days of purchase, we will be happy to provide a full refund and make it right.


Storage Instructions

Keep in a cool, dry place

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