• USDA Organic Ceritified

    Picknature's flowers are grown naturally free from harmful chemicals, we hand pick the best flowers to dry as tea leaves.

  • Vegan

    At Picknature, we focus on providing 100% Vegan flowers, making it the perfect choice for conscious parents. Experience the unbeatable earthy floral taste knowing that this tea is free from animal products.

  • Ketogenic Friendly and Plant-based

    PICKNATURE's Organic Flowers are the perfect choice for health-conscious parents, as it is both keto-friendly and plant-based. Experience the smooth flavor and gentle aroma of Picknature's tea.

Tea of Thailand - a land of traditional herbalism and mindfulness

Established in 2016, Picknature was started by a search to find pure, organic and non-GMO ingredients to connect people to herbal teas straight from the nature of Thailand, and nothing else.

By working with our local farmers to pick our ingredients at their peak of freshness, we can deliver that straight-from-nature experience worldwide. We hope each brew of our teas brings people closer to nature, wellness, and an inner sense of calm.